Brand experiences that leave a lasting mark

Our ongoing collaboration with Skullcandy keeps us on our toes. So far, we helped them create a powerful brand experience with point of purchase display builds and listening stations throughout their retailers in Lower Mainland, as well as a brand environment at their Vancouver headquarters.

Tree Trunk Display
Skullcandy approached us during the initial stage of their design process, and we worked together with their design team to produce plans and drawings. Once we agreed on all the details, we brought the vision to life and ended up installing listening stations throughout the Lower Mainland. This one was set up on a real tree trunk. Stay loud!

Corporate Headquarters

This backlit skull in Skullcandy’s Railtown headquarters is a one of a kind piece made from glossy black acrylic. Apart from that, we outfitted their office space with recycled pallet dividers, lightboxes, a stainless steel whiteboard and a massive product wall, among other things.