Lost in Space (2018) Jupiter Chairs

If you're going to get lost somewhere in the neighbourhood of Alpha Centauri, you may as well be comfortable. We built the chairs for the spaceship Jupiter in the Netflix reboot of the classic sci-fi, Lost in Space.

This prop build of 9 chairs included a little bit of everything: Mold making, metal fabrication, adjustable mechanisms, 3D printing, upholstery, and lots of plant-ons. To date, it's one of our favourites.

Heavy-Duty Furniture
Lucky for us, these chairs didn't have to actually launch into space: they're beefy enough to handle the practical FX of a simulated crash. We built the chassis of the chairs out of square tube steel, and then clad it in 1/4" waterjet-cut aluminum. To get the classic flat 1960s aesthetic, we added a skeletonized layer of 1/4" laser-cut ABS plant-ons, and then hid all the fasteners.
Ready for Lift-Off
(...and Unscheduled Landings)
The seat is mounted to automobile sliders so that the chairs could be adjusted to the individual actor. There's enough volume in the base for the SFX crew to rig up a mechanical shaker for any heavy landings.
Multi-Material Madness
We used a little bit of everything on this build. The more complex geometry was patterned from either hand-made models or 3D prints, and then reproduced using silicone molds.
Space Age
We loved the challenge of this project: making something that satisfies the pristine, retro-modern aesthetic of the art department, and still serves as a functional piece of furniture. We made 9 duplicate chairs, including these positionable, telescoping headrests made from a combination of cast plastic, aluminum plate and rod, and 1/4" ABS.
A Touch of Red
The whole build came together with the upholstery, the finished paint, and the last red accents. Several of the chairs included positionable armrests. Clean!