More selected projects

Vype Product Displays

We've made a series of cases to show off Vype vapes and cartridges. Built for festivals, tradeshows, or retail, these display cases are sure to catch eyes!

Edge Lighting *Pops*
We use thick acrylic as the floor of these displays. When combined with discreet LED edge lighting, all the cut-aways, engravings, and lettering pop with light. The effect is as magical as it is eye-catching.
Vinyl for Colour
For some of these displays, we used an underlay of printed vinyl to match brand colours. We also made our own metallic plant-on stickers to sit on top of the acrylic for extra dimensionality.
Jewel-Worthy Lids
These display cases are ready for any "look-don't-touch" applications. We built custom case lids that fit like a glove, and add another layer of glamour.